Do you also find yourself taking out your smartphone to photograph an electoral poster?


sloganeuizerSloganEUizer needs you:) Become a contributor!

SloganEUizer is a database used by political parties for the European Parliament elections 2014. The database (100 slogans already) is searchable by country, European party, and national party.

SloganEUizer is looking for contributors from… Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and all the other member states.

SloganEUizer is also looking for someone who can make nice visualisations with the data.

Many thanks to the direct contributors so far (Karolina, Marco, Anne, Clémence, Ralf, Daniel, James, Pierre, Alia, Aleksandra, Carole, Florian) and to all those who let me use their photographs or pointed me to useful online resources.

to know when a new slogan is added.

PS. I’ve mentioned here some of the motives that could make such a database useful. Do you like the idea too? Tell me how we could improve Sloganeuizer!

PPS. This is a personal EU geek project of mine, like everything else on this website :)

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