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New Estonian Prime-Minister Taavi Roivas, EU’s youngest prime-minister, sworn in on 26 March 2014, took to Facebook to update his profile: “Work and Education” – Prime Minister.

For this new* generation of leaders, social media is part of their personality, part of their leadership and communication styles. This can only enrich social media work of (perennial) institutions, on (perennial) institutional profiles.

*not only people in their 20s or 30s, but people who get social media beyond its “utility”, extensively explained by the Comms department

Of course, these leaders will need social media training (just as they might make use of media- or AV-training): they can always become better by having someone keeping them updated on latest developments; and they will also need support to efficiently listen to what people are telling them and for special interactive operations. As a prime-minister, one might not have the time to read all the mentions, messages, comments anymore.
How do Comms teams mix the perennial digital presence of the institution with the personal touch of the people who personify these institutions for a certain period of time?

Several answers:

  • The website of the Polish PM transforms the social media work on the personal Twitter profile of Donald Tusk into stories for the official website.
  • The website of the Belgian PM embeds widgets pulling tweets and Facebook posts from the personal profiles of Elio Di Rupo. This should be handled with care and switched off during electoral times, so as not to promote the message of a specific political party
  • Beyond the website, Comms teams often take advantage of this more or less natural tendency and organize chats or other interactive moments – for ex. Angela Merkel on the youtube channel of the Chancellery. Werner Faymann will soon organise a hangout on the upcoming EP elections:


So what EU leaders are naturally great dancers?

Looking forward to your comments!

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