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Europe is in equal parts my personal, as well as my professional adventure. Former fellow students from Bucharest, Paris and Berlin are good friends, while reflecting about the EU and Europe is a job and a pastime.

On 19 November 2013 I became the mom of a French-Romanian little boy.


I am the leader of the social media team of the European Commission since August 2012. My aim with social media is to make ‘Brussels’ less… faceless, by showing the people working for the EU: with their expertise, professionalism, openness, and passion for their job! My team (Amy, Carole, Marco, Pablo, Veronika) have the know-how in communication and new media tools, and are bold and passionate. Together, we mobilize colleagues throught the whole Commission to help us answer questions, and explain complex topics in plain language. We want them to put themselves ‘out there’ for live chats, hangouts, interactive TV interviews, and show they don’t fear the public, but value an open exchange of views with citizens.

Previously I worked as a press officer at the Council of the European Union, and brought the press office of the Council and the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy to social media (Twitter affictionados, see @eucouncilpress & @euhvr).

I am also considered the mother :)) of the #euco hashtag, now widely used by bloggers, journalists, ministers and heads of state or governement to discuss EU summits. The activity happening on this hashtag every time EU leaders meet gives me hope for, one day, a wider and truly European debate.

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